Step into the world of Japanese confectionery and cultural immersion with Yù Wagashi‘s recent workshop held at Pearl Point Shopping Mall. From crafting delicate wagashi to donning traditional kimono attire, participants embarked on a delightful journey filled with creativity and cultural experiences.
Yù Wagashi, renowned for its exquisite Japanese sweets, teamed up with Pearl Point Shopping Mall to host an exclusive workshop that captivated participants of all ages. The event featured three engaging sessions, each accommodating 10 to 15 eager learners. Led by Kelsey-sensei and her dedicated team, participants delved into the art of crafting premium wagashi, guided step by step through the intricate process.
Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets known for their aesthetic appeal and subtle flavors, served as the centerpiece of the workshop. Under the expert guidance of Kelsey-sensei, participants discovered the secrets behind crafting these delectable treats, from shaping delicate mochi to adorning them with intricate designs.
Beyond the culinary aspect, the workshop offered participants a glimpse into Japanese culture. From the moment they stepped in, attendees were invited to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Japanese tradition. One highlight was the opportunity to don authentic kimono attire, allowing participants to experience the elegance of traditional Japanese clothing firsthand. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, participants savored the unique experience of posing for photos in their exquisite attire, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime.
The workshop catered to a diverse audience, ranging from 9-year-olds to adults, ensuring that everyone could partake in the festivities. Regardless of age or background, all participants shared a common enthusiasm for exploring Japanese culture and indulging in the art of wagashi making. With hands-on guidance and encouragement from Kelsey-sensei and her team, each participant successfully crafted two pieces of premium wagashi, a testament to their newfound skills and creativity.
As the workshop came to a close, smiles adorned the faces of attendees, reflecting the joy and satisfaction derived from this enriching experience.
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