In a unique twist to conventional team building activities, ABeam Consulting Malaysia embarked on a journey of culinary exploration with Yù Wagashi‘s wagashi workshop. Held at a serene venue, the event brought together 10 participants from ABeam Consulting, fostering camaraderie and creativity in equal measure.
Under the expert guidance of Yù Wagashi’s skilled instructors, the ABeam team delved into the artistry of wagashi, traditional Japanese confections renowned for their delicate flavors and aesthetic appeal. From shaping intricately designed sweets to mastering the art of flavor combinations, participants immersed themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Japanese culinary arts..
The workshop not only provided a platform for team members to unleash their creativity but also offered a refreshing change of pace from the usual corporate routine. Through hands-on experience and collaborative efforts, the team discovered new talents, strengthened bonds, and forged lasting memories.
“It was truly a delightful experience,” remarked one participant. “Not only did we learn new skills, but we also had the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a relaxed setting. It’s amazing how something as simple as making wagashi can bring people together.”
As the day drew to a close, smiles adorned the faces of the ABeam team, reflecting the success of the workshop in fostering teamwork and fostering a sense of unity. With hearts and stomachs full, the participants departed with newfound inspiration and a deeper appreciation for the power of shared experiences.
The wagashi workshop organized by ABeam Consulting Malaysia and Yù Wagashi stands as a testament to the transformative potential of innovative team building activities, proving that the path to success is often as sweet as it is collaborative.
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