AMEX Teams Embark on Sweet Journey with Yù Wagashi: A Unique Team Building Experience

In a bid to foster team unity and creativity, employees from American Express (AMEX) embarked on an extraordinary team building adventure with Yù Wagashi, a renowned Japanese confectionery workshop. The event promised a unique blend of cultural immersion, creativity, and collaboration as participants delved into the intricate art of Wagashi making.
The Wagashi workshop took place on a vibrant morning at the office tower of AMEX, nestled in the heart of the city. Under the expert guidance of Yù Wagashi’s instructors, AMEX teams immersed themselves in the delicate craft of Wagashi making. From shaping and molding to decorating with intricate designs, participants embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and camaraderie.
Throughout the workshop, creativity took center stage as colleagues exchanged ideas, experimented with different techniques, and collaborated on their Wagashi creations. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and laughter as teams pushed the boundaries of their imagination.
Beyond the hands-on experience of making Wagashi, participants gained insights into Japanese culture and traditions. They learned about the significance of each Wagashi design, deepening their understanding of the art form and fostering cultural exchange.
As the workshop came to a close, participants gathered to admire their masterpieces—a colorful array of beautifully crafted Wagashi. The shared sense of accomplishment and camaraderie lingered in the air as colleagues reflected on the day’s memorable moments.
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